Does your company know how to speak PLC? Does your company know the when to use open loop vector control? Does your company know which HMI package will deliver the best experience? You may, but you do not have to. Nagas Solutions is here to do the dirty work.

With experience in many industries, Nagas Solutions specializes in simple solutions for complex problems. Sometimes the situation calls for integrating software and hardware products from world leaders in industrial controls. Sometimes the situation calls for custom research and development to create a package tailored specifically for the opportunity at hand. Either way, Nagas has the Solution.

How can Nagas Solutions help you?

  • Custom software development:
    • All PLC, HMI, and communications
    • Visual Studio 6 through .Net (Basic, C++, Java)
    • Virtual environments for efficiency and consolidation
    • Specialized operating system deployments from Linux to Windows
    • SQL Server and MySQL database design, programming, and data visualization
  • Custom panel building:
    • Contract or direct business panel and backplane construction
    • New installation, retrofit, expansion
    • Optional Installation and commissioning
    • Full documentation
  • Support of existing equipment from many vendors

Experience in many industries not limited to:

  • Textile
  • Paper
  • Chemical
  • Automotive
  • Plastics

Located in outside of Spartanburg, South Carolina, Nagas Solutions is committed to customers along the I-85 and I-26 corridors from North Carolina to Georgia and beyond.